The twelfth annual meeting of Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition:

 Aidoun represented by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ali participated in the twelfth annual meeting of Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition in Cairo which was held on 27 and 28 of April 2013 in the presence of members of the Coalition from Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Europe. The main reason for holding the meeting in Cairo is to reconnect between the members of the coalition outside Palestine and the committees of the right of return in Gaza Strip and the Association for the Defense of the Rights of Displaced in Palestine for its vital role in the struggle to dedicate the right of return. Participants discussed the implications of the continued Palestinian division on the refugees issue and the national project in general. The members of the coalition said that the Palestinian leadership with its various parties is responsible for the negative consequences resulting from this situation and for not treated this situation on national basis that ensure the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people foremost the right of return. The coalition issued a statement consists of three points: First, follow-up the conditions of Palestinian refugees in Syria. Second, UNRWA and its role in the refugees issue. Third, the situation of the prisoners and detainees in the prisons of the Zionist enemy.