Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition

The Palestine Right of Return Coalition was first announced in Brussels, Belgium, on 30 October 2001 as a result of two coordination meetings including committees and organizations of Palestinian refugees and internally displaced active in Palestine and the exile. The preparatory coordination meetings were initiated by BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights and convened in Cyprus in October 2000 and in Belgium in October 2001.

Our Mandate

The global Palestine Right of Return Coalition is an independent, non-governmental alliance of organizations and networks. It operates as a popular lobby of societies, associations, unions and committees active worldwide for one common goal, i.e. respect and implementation of the rights of Palestinian refugees, foremost their right to return to their native homes. The Coalition does not strive for political representation, because this role is reserved for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

Area of Operation

The global Palestine Right of Return Coalition operates worldwide among Palestinian, other Arab and foreign communities and in cooperation with partners who share our principles and objectives. The Coalition’s secretariat is based n occupied Palestine.

The Focus n the Right f Return


The forced displacement of Palestinians was a direct result of the establishment of Israel in 1948. Since then, the protracted Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict has resulted in the displacement of more Palestinians. The right of return to their homes is an individual and collective right held by all refugees and internally displaced persons part of the Palestinian nation. It is a right enshrined in international law, in particular the Law of Nations relevant to state succession, International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, and in related international conventions. It has been affirmed in numerous UN resolutions, foremost in UN General Assembly Resolution 194 (1948) and UN Security Council Resolution 237 (1967).

The right of return is central to the international protection which Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons are entitled to, as well as to the realization of their right to restitution and compensation. It is a fundamental right not only of displaced Palestinian individuals but also of the Palestinian nation: the right of return is a condition for the exercise of the right to self-determination, an inalienable right of the Palestinian people recognized and affirmed by the United Nations.

The rights of Palestinian refugees and the internally displaced are indivisible. They apply to all displaced Palestinians irrespective of whether they currently reside in the area of historical Palestine, in Arab host states, or elsewhere in he world.

Our Objectives

The global Palestine Right of Return Coalition was established in order to advocate and campaign for the right of Palestinian refugees and internally displaced to return to their homes of origin in accordance with universal principles of justice, international law and relevant UN resolutions, in particular UN resolution 194. The Coalition strives to accomplish this aim through:


  • Fighting the economic, social and political marginalization of Palestinian refugees which prevent effective protection and enforcement of their rights;
  • Resisting all initiatives which aim to undermine the national identity of Palestinians in the exile and the right of return, including mis-interpretations and political concessions which violate this fundamental individual and collective right;
  • Encouraging Palestinian unity and consensus on the refugee issue, a matter of national concern for the Palestinian people as a whole in historical Palestine and exile;
  • Empowering institutions and       organizations of the refugee communities so they can build solid community-based structures and networks able to promote the rights of the refugees, foremost       their right f return;
  • Cooperating with all parties concerned with the provision of temporary international protection to Palestinian refugees in all places of exile;
  • Supporting the global popular and civil society campaigns for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law, including recognition and implementation of Palestinian refugees’ Rights to return, restitution and compensation;
  • Calling upon all parties concerned, UNRWA, UNHCR, Arab host states and others, to fulfill their obligations towards Palestinian refugee and internally displaced persons;
  • Coordinating and cooperating with all parties involved in the return movement in order to build one unified movement.

Our Structure

The Palestine right of Return Coalition operates through three major institutions. Annual Meetings of the Coalition’s member organizations constitute the highest decision making body in charge of strategic planning for the coalition.


The Coordination Committee is responsible for preparing Annual Meetings; it implements the annual work plan and coordinates the Coalition’s response to new developments on the Palestinian refugee issue. It is also responsible for the design of plans which ensure financial security and independence of the Coalition. The Committee is composed of members chosen in and representing four regions: – North America, Europe, Arab host states and Palestine – and the Coalition Coordinator.


The Coordinator is a member of an organization, committee, union or association elected by the Annual Meeting to serve as the Coalition’s secretariat. The Coordinator ensures regular communication and overall coordination in line with the Coalition’s plan of action.

Members of the Coalition

  1. BADIL resource enter or Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights, Palestine.
  2. Committee for the Defense of the Palestinian refugee rights, Palestine.
  3. Union of Youth Activities Centers, Refugee Camps, Palestine.
  4. Popular Committees, Refugee Camps, Palestine.
  5. Union of Women’s Activities Centers, Refugee Camps – West Bank, Palestine.
  6. ADRID- Society for the Defense of the Rights of the Internally Displaced Inside the Green Line, Palestine.
  7. High Committee for the Defense of the Right of Return, Jordan.
  8. ‘Aidoun Group, Lebanon.
  9. ‘Aidoun Group, Syria.
  10. Coordination Forum of NGOs Working Among the Palestinian Community, Lebanon.
  11. European Confederation for the Right of Return (Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland).
  12. Al-Awda- Right of Return Coalition – United Kingdom.
  13. Al-Awda – the Palestine Right of Return Coalition – North America.


Contact information


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