The CRR mission is to defend the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their original homes and property from which they were displaced and uprooted in 1948, based on the principles of international law and the UN relevant resolutions mainly the UNGA resolution 194.

Aidoun is a community based group which is completely un affiliated with any political contingent. Aidoun is a cofounder of the Palestine Right of Return Coalition worldwide.

CCR’s strategy in this respect is based on the principles of  international law and the UN relevant resolutions including UNGA Resolution 194 of 1948, which affirms 3 integrated rights (Return, compensation and restitution) and UNGA resolution no. 3236 of 1974 which establish a link between the right of return and the right to self-determination.


CCR attempts to achieve its goals through the following means:

  1. Consolidating and disseminating the culture of return (thaqafit Al-Awda) among Palestinian refugee communities with the aim of empowering and enabling them to defend their Right of Return (ROR) on the basis of international law standards and norms;
  2. Campaigning for effective temporary protection for Palestinian refugees to secure their basic human rights in various host countries especially in Lebanon, as the lack of such effective protection constitutes a threat to the ROR;
  3. Interacting with all other concerned Palestinian groups concerned with the aim of promoting the role of Palestinian civil society and of creating an effective lobbying body in the interest of the right of return;
  4. Increasing the level of coordination among ROR groups and international solidarity groups worldwide to establish an effective international network in support of the  Palestinian refugees’ right of return and right of self-determination for Palestinian people.


  1. Conducting seminars, workshops to highlight various legal, political and social aspects of the Palestinian refugee issue.
  2. Devising appropriate programs for Palestinian youths to consolidate their national belonging and empowering them to defend their rights as refugees.
  3. Revival of collective memory of Nakba and Exile through collecting oral testimonies from the elderly Palestinian generations.
  4. Producing pamphlets, booklets, posters and relevant mass media which serve consolidating and disseminating the culture of return.
  5. Participating in conferences, seminars, workshops related to the issue of Palestinian refugees on the international arena with the aim of defending the right of return in the framework of the unalienable rights of Palestinian people.