A seminar entitled ” the repercussions of the Syrian crisis on the Palestinians in Syria”:

The Center for refugee rights “Aidoun” in Lebanon and “Aidoun” in Syria in coordination with the Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition, held a seminar in Beirut at UNESCO Palace on the date of 30.05.2013 to discuss the repercussions of the crisis on the Palestinians in Syria, their suffering and their needs, the Arab and international responsibility and the Palestinian responsibility. The seminar came up with the following recommendations: 1 – Call the Palestinian factions to continue working in order to neutralize the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria, 2 – Call the Palestine Liberation Organization to intensify its political movement in order to neutralize the camps 3 – appeal to all the concerned to provide relief materials to the camps 4 – agree on the necessity of forming a General coordination body in Lebanon that joins all parties in order to follow up the situation of the displaced Palestinians to Lebanon . The seminar was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs / Lebanon and the Lebanese – Palestinian dialogue committee, the Palestinian factions in Lebanon and a number of Palestinian, Lebanese and international civil bodies.


A seminar to discuss a document : The Palestinian Centre for Policy Research and Politicalstudies “Massarat” & The Center for refugee rights “:

Aidoun” organized a seminar to discuss the document entitled : “Rebuilding the institutions of Palestine Liberation Organizations” in Crown Plaza Hotel in Beirut on 30 October 2013 , which is prepared by the group of supporting and developing the path of Palestinian reconciliation  and in the presence of more than 70 Palestinians which represent different factions, civil institutions, groups and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon . The seminar was presided by Mr. Jaber Suleiman, who stressed on the importance of the document, especially as we are in need to rebuild the PLO. The debate audience meets with the goal of the document, where they stressed on the importance of rebuilding the PLO institutions, and to uphold the rights and constants, they stressed on the importance of Lebanon’s position in the defense of Palestinian rights, especially the right of return to their homes from which they were expelled, and that Lebanon is interested in the establishment of Palestinian State.