Addressed to all Parties concerned with the impact of the Syrian crisis on the

Palestinians in Syria 


The Centre for Refugee Rights/Aidoun, Lebanon and Aidoun Group/Syria in coordination with the Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition, conducted a seminar for one day in Beirut on 30/5/2013 to discuss the implications of the Syrian crisis upon the Palestinians in Syria.

The main topics discussed were as follows: The situation of the Palestinians in Syria, their sufferings and their needs, as well as international, Arab and Palestinian responsibilities.

The panelists represented the General Authority of Palestinian Arab Refugees in Syria (GAPAR), UNRWA/Syria, Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs, the Palestinian factions in Syria. The seminar was attended by representatives of concerned Palestinian NGOs in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC), Palestinian factions in Lebanon and a number of Lebanese and international NGOs.

The participants agreed to raise the following recommendations:

1-      Call on Palestinian factions in Syria to preserve their neutrality and to make the camps a safe place free of weapons and of military presence; and to enable the return of the displaced inhabitants to the camps which they believe is the place from where they should return to their homeland.

2-      Call on the Palestinian factions to form local committees in the camps under the patronage of GAPAR to manage their own affairs during the crisis.

3-      Call on the P.L.O. to intensify its political efforts with the countries that can exert pressure on the various military groups to withdraw from the camps and allow assert neutrality of the Palestinian camps in Syria.

4-      Appeal to all parties concerned to secure humanitarian assistance to all the camps and to facilitate access to those who need it.

5-      All participants agreed to form a general coordinating body in Lebanon which will consist of representatives from the P.L.O., the Palestinian factions, LPDC, the Ministry of Social Affairs, and  concerned Palestinian NGOs, for follow-up on the situation of the displaced Palestinians in Lebanon.

6-      Call on parties concerned in Lebanon not to discriminate between displaced Syrians and displaced Palestinians in distributing assistance.

7-      All participants expressed their appreciation of the official stand of the Lebanese authorities in facilitating the entrance of the displaced Palestinians; and call on the Lebanese authorities to waiver the fees for entry visas.

8-      Call on donor countries, especially the Arab countries, to fulfill their pledges to support of UNRWA to accomplish its vital role in assisting the displaced Palestinians.

9-      Call on International NGOs for additional donations to ensure financial, nutritional and medical assistance to the Palestinian refugees in Syria.